Work at Work

I had an oddly successful day today. I didn't get distracted as much as I usually do and therefore I got more done than usual (on a non-deadline, anyway). It was very nice and I'm hoping it continues for a while. Granted, it'll affect my blogging, but my boss would probably say it's worth it.

Getting home, however, was a bear. It's been snowing since 11 this morning, though lightly, so there was about four inches of snow on the ground. Then, I was four cars back from an intersection that was crossed by a lightrail line when a lightrail train stopped across my half of it and didn't move again. So, a four lane thoroughfare had to all turn right (the crossing street was one way) and go through central Denver to keep going. There were a couple other places where police were sitting next to a car with flashers and a bus with flashers, but in the long run, it only took me twice as long to get home as it usually does. Not bad, considering. (Not to mention, I do love having All Wheel Drive!)

Yesterday, I went to my sister's Superbowl Party (great game, by the way) and I brought artichoke dip (as usual) and a newly discovered treat, Crunchy Peanut Butter Balls. They are like Peanut Butter Cups, if they were made with marshmallows and dark chocolate. They're delicious, more like bonbons than cookies, and are very easy to make.

And finally, I rarely get to do or say anything that counts as "Geek Cred" but here's something I haven't seen anywhere else:
Today's date is special, 02/04/08 = 2^1/2^2/2^3 (^="to the power of")
Cool, huh?


Nathan said...


I read some of youse guys' geek cred stuff and...

I just don't know which lunch table I'm allowed to sit at.

Random Michelle K said...

I can't believe I *missed* that!

I knew there was some common thread in the date, but blanked!

Tom said...

A "powers of 2" date! That's machine language binary geek cred.

Your noticing that form is wonderful!

Janiece said...

Anne's a geek! Anne's a geek!

Plus she's the only one of us that really can design a building up to spec.

Anne C. said...

Heh. I was so proud of myself, spotting that. Like I said, it's rare. I'm usually geeky enough to recognize something that someone else points out, but not enough to spot it before half of geekdom has already got to it.

Janiece, my reaction to the "design a building" credential was probably about the same as most of you reacting to "conn a ship." Basically: Wow, something I actually have certification in! Yes!

Nathan, there are plenty of kinds of geek out there: from math geeks to science geeks to theater tech geeks. You can always sit at our table!

Anonymous said...

Our table is the one most likely to break out in a food fight, Nathan. And we usually have action figures. :D

Anne, glad you made it home safely! I haven't had to drive in fresh snow for a while, I'm kind of glad of that!

Janiece said...

"And we usually have action figures."

With born-again action-grip.

Anne C. said...

"born-again action grip"
Is that the Huckabee Action Figure that we use as the dispensable red-shirt for every game?

MWT said...

Was that crunchy peanut butter ball really as enormous as it looks in the picture?

Random Michelle K said...

Hey, we have action figures over here! Chewbacca, R2D2 and Han are hiding behind a rock near the poinsettia and the Lemony Snickett books.

Plus, I have Serenity, and the Defiant. But not in the same place. Because that would be wrong.

Janiece said...

You got it, Anne.