For those of you who didn't believe I actually took a picture of my odometer... Posted by Hello


Where have I been?

...I hear you all ask.
Well, let me explain. I have moved up the food chain at work and now have project organization duties as well as production tasks. Plus, we've got more work to do than we have people, so I'm occasionally asked to do stuff for other projects. Obviously, this means I'm having trouble finding the time to do any non-work related tasks.
Then there's home. I've been trying to do everything more "right" lately. That means going to tai chi class regularly, making a decently nutritious dinner, cleaning up dirty dishes, and going to bed early. And I'm hooked on too many TV shows.
Now I understand why people seem to have cell phones surgically attached to their heads and don't mind having private conversations in public. No one has the time to sit down and make the time to just communicate.
My current plan to clear more time in my schedule is cutting out some of the TV watching (though most of the time I'm also doing something else) and a lot of my internet surfing. :(
I will try to keep up this blog at least once or twice a week and whenever I'm moved to say something pithy. And the entries may be short, just a thought of the day, like the last post or something that happened. For example:
- My car's odometer just flipped over 100,000 miles this morning! I've been carrying my digital camera so I could take a picture. Which I pulled over and did. :)
- Last week, on the way to lunch, I saw a hawk eating a pigeon by the sidewalk. It was *so* cool. I didn't have my camera, so I didn't take a picture. :(



"Sometimes, the "goal" is unconscious. You're already working toward it without realizing what it is."
- My horoscope for the day

I have to say, this is very reassuring.


"I have one regret, that I have but one lap to give to my cats."

Well, I'm home. The cats were happy to see me. I found them tranquil and well cared for, thanks to the wonderful lady who took care of them for me. (Thanks, Paden!) They are now, however, way too used to someone playing with them.
(To be continued...)


Working Vacation

"I love it when a house comes together."
(OK, so the actual quote says "plan" but eh, I liked this better.)

So far my main tasks have been to help my mum with tiling the master bathroom and drawing up plans and elevations for the shelves in the library. The latter is done, we just have to talk it over one last time with the trim carpenter (a very nice guy and a heck of a carpenter). The former seems to go on and on forever. Every time we seem just around the bend from finishing making all the cuts (we are cutting everything, then mortaring it all down, then grouting), we find another section of unfinished cuts we need to make. And now we're trying to strategize completing what we need to complete without enough bullnose tile. Apparently it was hard to track down and whomever ordered it did not order enough.
The staining and lacquering is done, thank goodness, so there aren't as many fumes. I got the DVD player hooked up to the TV, but we don't know where the remote control is. Fortunately, we can still play stuff.

No deep thoughts today. I'm just too tired to come up with something.
How about -- working hard builds character...


OK already!

Well, I certainly got some snarky comments about not posting recently, but in the words of one of my latest TV shows... "chill out, dudes."
I'm now at my parents' house in Oklahoma (did anyone catch the pun in the title?) and feeling more relaxed already. I will try to be more introspective in my next post, but I wanted to post *something* for the few readers I have left.
So what is the question for the day? I feel like sometimes I react negatively to things when I feel like I should know better. For example, I recently had a situation with a friend where I intellectually knew I had no reason to be upset or mad, but I was acting like it. Then, I realized what was actually upsetting me wasn't the overall situation (which I understood the reasoning of) but one of the symptoms -- I felt ignored, and I don't like it. Ironically, snubbing them was my response (though who knows if they noticed). As soon as I realized what my real issue was and realized I was treating someone in a way I didn't like being treated myself, I immediately let go of the irritation. Interesting, huh?
Hmm, that turned out to be more introspective than I expected. Cool. I'm off the hook until next time. :)



I've probably lost all my readers, so I'll apologize to the the empty space:
Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I've been... well, I don't know what I've been doing. That's the nature of procrastination and distraction. Thankfully, at work I've been pretty busy and pretty focused. So much so that I have done very little extracurricular stuff like internet stuff. And when I get home, I find escapist methods to pass the time: movies, tv, books. I usually go to bed very early or very late. I haven't done any writing in weeks.
It's frustrating, but I have to believe I'm internally processing something. That, or I need a vacation. Which, I might add, I am starting tomorrow. I wanted to go someplace tropical, but have no money. SO, I'm going to OK to help my mum with the house (short story: parents building a house, dad going abroad for a few weeks).
Well, I'd like to make this an early night. Except I have a sleeping cat on my lap. And therefore am typing one handed. I'm really going to miss the cats, and I think they will miss me too. A good friend of mine is going to feed them, and since she is a certified cat person, I think she'll do a great job. I'm just going to miss them.