Where have I been?

...I hear you all ask.
Well, let me explain. I have moved up the food chain at work and now have project organization duties as well as production tasks. Plus, we've got more work to do than we have people, so I'm occasionally asked to do stuff for other projects. Obviously, this means I'm having trouble finding the time to do any non-work related tasks.
Then there's home. I've been trying to do everything more "right" lately. That means going to tai chi class regularly, making a decently nutritious dinner, cleaning up dirty dishes, and going to bed early. And I'm hooked on too many TV shows.
Now I understand why people seem to have cell phones surgically attached to their heads and don't mind having private conversations in public. No one has the time to sit down and make the time to just communicate.
My current plan to clear more time in my schedule is cutting out some of the TV watching (though most of the time I'm also doing something else) and a lot of my internet surfing. :(
I will try to keep up this blog at least once or twice a week and whenever I'm moved to say something pithy. And the entries may be short, just a thought of the day, like the last post or something that happened. For example:
- My car's odometer just flipped over 100,000 miles this morning! I've been carrying my digital camera so I could take a picture. Which I pulled over and did. :)
- Last week, on the way to lunch, I saw a hawk eating a pigeon by the sidewalk. It was *so* cool. I didn't have my camera, so I didn't take a picture. :(


Anonymous said...

Interesting interests: 100.000 car odometer and a hawk eating a pidgeon!

Aileen said...

Hmmm . . . can't say I'm sad that there's not picture of the Hawk eating the pidgeon . . . ;-) Anyway, there is nothing wrong with foregoing writing about life to make room for LIVING LIFE to the fullest. I feel your pain about the TV watching. I'm relieved now when a show comes to the end of is season because then I have a chance (though a small one) to break away! If I were Jacob Marley I'd probably have a TV chained to my back. :-(