Stolen from the Daily Show

I stole this from the Daily Show, but I just couldn't help myself. The premise is that (like hurricanes), they name adminstrative disasters alphabetically. The ones that have already happened are funny, but take a look at the ones still to come. They're hilarious!

(Sharp eyes will notice that there's a letter missing. It was missed on the Daily Show graphic, so I left it alone.)


Death to spammers

There's been a minor addition to the comments portion of the blog. I've turned on a new feature -- word verification -- that prevents mass computer-generated spam posts.
It adds another step, but I believe it's worth it.
Thanks for your patience!


Dinner Menu

I'm sitting here, full, remembering the old days fondly -- when the cats were new to my household and would rather sit next to me than on my lap. Good times, good times.

I worked a couple hours late today and got home at 8, now an hour later, I have cooked a quick and yummy meal and eaten it. And if there were not a cat on my lap, I'd be having dessert as well. ;)

I had halibut, dredged twice in egg and breadcrumbs (garlic & parsley seasoned), fried in olive oil. The two sides were parmesan flavored couscous and broccoli (frozen, quickly cooked in the microwave).
Quick and healthy and tasty. The fish was particularly flavorful. And now I have time to read my book before getting to bed at my designated (so often overshot) bedtime!
I'll have my dessert while I read -- a cordial glass of Chocolate Hazelnut Creme Liquor (a lot like Irish creme, but different flavors). Yum!