Ok, I know it's not PC to admit you like bacon, but I do. I don't eat it often. A couple of times a year, maybe. Since I'm going camping this weekend, I was preparing hobo meals in advance and getting sandwich materials together. I needed something easy to have for dinner tonight, since by the time we get there and get the tent set up, I won't be feeling like waiting for dinner. So, I had the brilliant idea to have a rare indulgence -- a BLT. Mmmmm... I bought a few strips of bacon and cooked them last night, had a tiny taste (Mmmm...) and made the sandwich. And now I can't stop thinking about bacon. (And again... Mmmm....)

I think one of my favorite parts of camping (besides waking up early) is planning the food I'll take. Nothing fancy, just hobo dinners of hamburger or chicken or salmon, potatoes or zucchini or broccoli, and mushrooms, stuff like that. Actually, maybe it's having everything packaged up and ready to eat. Prepared for me. The labor involved is enough removed from the reward it's like being your own butler. "Would you like dinner, madam? The chicken or the beef? Very well, madam."

I'm really looking forward to a weekend off. I'll post a report when I get back, but I fully expect it to read something along the lines of... ate, read book, wrote in journal, ate, napped, read book, talked to friends, ate, socialized, slept. Repeat as necessary. Maybe we'll put in some hiking or fishing, but just a little.


Key to the Solution

A month ago I lost my car keys and none of my spares worked (well, one did, but it got stuck in the ignition). Before that, I had a couple of scares where I thought I lost my keys. Now I'm having trouble with one of my housekeys sticking in the lock a bit.
Is this a sign from the Universe? If yes, what does it mean? Am I missing some "key" information? Am I stuck on the "key" to an issue? Or is it a sign I should get some WD40 and spray it in the lock? Hmm...


Soccer Results 2-6

Today we played very well, but we were up against a good team. I forgot my sneakers, so I had to play in my tai chi shoes, which are light canvas shoes with no traction. Fortunately, Michelle, the other D (defensive) gal was there, so I didn't have to play the whole game. So, after the game another gal on the team, Shivani, and I went to buy proper soccer shoes. I figure I'll keep them in my gym bag and that way I can't forget them again.
The game went ok. Our goalie was awesome and the team worked real well together. The other team was just better.


Annie the Grouch

Our office has "doughnut day" on Fridays. Every Friday, one person in the office is assigned to bring in breakfast for the whole office -- many people bring doughnuts or bagels, but the culinarily able of us sometimes cook (breakfast casseroles, cappuchino muffins, apple bread, etc., one guy used to bring in lox and its attendant fixin's, cream cheese, tomato slices, croissants). I enjoy cooking, so I make something between a quiche and an omelette. I only have to get up an hour earlier to make three different kinds, asparagus and tomato, potato and mushroom, ham and cheese (all of them have cheese, actually, so I make a mini asparagus and tomato without cheese for the lactose intolerant). I do it because I like to and a little because I'm showing off the fact that I can cook (same reason I have dinner parties, I suspect).
Yesterday, I tried to go to bed early, since I had to get up early this morning to make breakfast for the office, but I just couldn't get to sleep. I tossed and turned and fretted about... the thought that I hate my job and don't trust anyone I work with! What timing! Of course, I don't really hate my job (just want to get a different one) and like the people I work with, but it was a really interesting juxtaposition of grouchiness and obligation. The grouchiness has faded somewhat, under the pressure of people saying "Wow! Great breakfast! Thanks!" but I'm really glad that during the coming weekend I have little or no plans other than house chores and relaxing.


Ambition and Fear

Is there something wrong with me that makes me unambitious in my field? I don't think so, considering I'm not really devoted to my field as it is currently defined. Architecture is great - don't get me wrong - but I just don't have the burning desire to do it or talk about it all the time. I have friends that do, so I see what it's "supposed" to look like. I do that when it comes to writing. I have got to get out of this river and into that one.

Recently, my firm hired a new "job captain", the position that I, as a lowly "architectural intern" or "cad drafter" (both horrible titles, one implying I am still in school and the other that I only have a 2 yr associates degree) am supposed to be working towards. Do I feel supplanted or cut off from advancement? No, not really. (To be absolutely honest I feel a little relieved that I'm not under pressure to become the next job captain right away.)
A co-worker with whom I have had issues in the past said "I have something to talk to you about." and I immediately felt a chill of apprehension. Was she going to tell me I have been too ambitious, too condescending lately or that I need to make more effort to look like I've stepped out of a NY fashion magazine like she does. Eeep!
Turns out, no she just wanted to vent about the current organization of project staffing. (Funny thing is, my concern must have shown because she said "Don't worry, you're not in trouble or anything.) She's getting bored as a mere "job captain" but hasn't finished passing the 9 or 11 exams you have to pass to get a license. I think she figured she would have a sympathetic ear what with all my frustrated ambition (NOT!). I glossed over my own apathy and supported her search to find something more challenging.

So we come back around to the lack of ambition (to advance, not to do a good job) in this field. Is there something wrong with me? Yes and no. I'm in the wrong field.


Soccer Results 5-6...

My co-ed indoor soccer team lost again. BUT! We were playing the highest ranked team in our division and we were leading at the half. :) It was a tough and fun game. We had plenty of subs (enough players that we each shared a position) and we all worked together really well.


Romantic Comedies...

This weekend I watched two romantic comedies on DVD (unusual for me):
Alex & Emma -- *** (3 stars of 5) Amusing movie. I liked that it was about a writer (and portrayed pretty well) and the actors were good. The premise was interesting and well done. There was something missing, though. I liked it, but it didn't really stir me. The book within the movie was corny and a bit contrived. Good video fare, but I'm glad I didn't pay movie ticket prices to see it.
Love Actually -- **** (4 stars of 5) Well done film, wonderful actors. Explored love along several different lines and the sad moments were as potent as the sweet ones. Being somewhat realistic, some of the stories don't turn out happily and it breaks your heart. I can't speak highly enough about the acting, from the child actor (so cute!) all the way through the comedic ones (Hugh Grant was especially good, if not exactly stretching his range) and the dramatic ones (Emma Thompson is phenomenal). I recommend it, but probably won't own a copy.


The Office Panther

Today I was standing next to the receptionist's desk and noticed that our office cat (our office is a renovated house) was sitting in the window, wanting to come in. I noticed something in his mouth and as the receptionist stood up to let him in I said, "Oh, looks like Bygalow caught a mouse." Debbie, the receptionist cringed, so I went out to admire Byg's present. It was a small mouse, barely larger than 2 inches in the body. I praised our proud hunter and took it from him. After being distracted for a moment, Bygalow started looking for it, not realizing I had it in my hand. So, I left him to his search and disposed of the body in our dumpster. All in a day's work.


I speak therefore I am...

I think I've been able to enable comments, but I need to post something new to check.
Let's see...

Eclectic... an understatement.

I just bought a fresh batch of CDs from my dear friends at BMG Music and it's a mixed bag (literally).
From worst to best:
- Clay Aiken, "Measure of a Man" -- (Please don't hate me.) No, I'm not an American Idol fan, but I've seen this kid a few times and he's got a great voice and even better, a great personality. Acerbic wit is rarely seen amongst the rags-to-riches American success stories seen nowadays and I'd like to support it. A.I. took a relatively nerdy looking kid and made him, if not exactly a matinee idol, then something a couple doors down. The nice thing? The kid has personality and a good handle on the important things in life. So, I thought I'd buy his album to support him. The album itself is pretty wishywashy. He's got a great voice, but the cheesy ballads aren't my cup-o-tea.
- Yo Yo Ma, "Simply Baroque" -- I love baroque music and Yo Yo Ma is one of the best. How could I go wrong? I didn't. The CD is nice background music, including one of my favorite composers, J. S. Bach, and one of my favorites of his compositions "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." Very pretty and very soothing.
- Howard Shore, "Two Towers Soundtrack" -- A beautiful beautiful score. I love soundtracks in general and the LotR ones have been wonderful. I will definitely listen to this one a lot.
- Jet, "Get Born" -- a new rock and roll band from Australia that I am now enamoured with. (You may have heard thier recent hit single "Are You Gonna Be My Girl".) They rock hard and have a good beat, but also have good roots with classic rock. Loud and fun and the ballads don't make me ill. I like them a lot and hope they stick around.

Tired is a tired does...

Yesterday I wanted to take a nap while taking my tai chi class. Yes, it's very relaxing, but it is also a lot of work, ie. you sweat and breathe heavily by the end of it. In between, however, I wanted to curl up and take a nap. I've been feeling tired all day (except, of course, at night, when I'm supposed to be tired and go to sleep early) for the last few weeks. During some of that time, of course, my tiredness was due to dog-induced sleep deprivation, but for the most part, I have no apparent reason to be tired.
In the past I have enforced an early bedtime and achieved some results, particularly alertness immediately after rising, but not consistent throughout the day alertness. Hmm... actually, exhaustion strikes more particularly during the work day. Coincidence? I think not. Solution? Get my butt in gear and become a self-employed full-time novelist. Impossible? No. Hard work? Yes.


Well, a week ago today, on the 4th, the Lab Rescue place called. They had found another foster home for the puppy.
So, that evening, they came and took her away. So ended the toughest 84 hours I've had in many a long year.
I think I will now pull back the scouts and sit-tight while I let the dust settle in my life before I make anymore forays into the unknown.
Maybe I'll get a cat instead.
No, dust settling first, cat later.


What an idiot I am.
I didn't listen to my mother. I guess that was bound to happen one of these days, and bound to turn out badly.
I thought I wanted a dog. A nice medium level dog that needed to be walked once a day and would curl up at my feet when I was working on the computer. A friendly dog that I could take to play at the dog park, take on hikes and camping. I figured that an adult dog, say 3 to 7 or so would be fine -- seasoned and trained. I like the disposition of Labs, so I thought "I'd like one of those."
When I contacted the local Lab Rescue organization and had my application accepted, I was thrilled. I inquired about two dogs that fit my parameters. I would have to wait, someone else was looking at them this week.
Here's where I went wrong. I should have said "Ok. I'll call again next week."
But I didn't. I inquired about another dog, a young (1 year old) female that was only part Lab. When I heard her sob story (neglected by previous owners, but still with them because all the foster homes were full) I decided, what could it hurt to see her?
I went to see her and knew right away she was not the dog for me. But I really wanted to help her. I figured I could deal with her enthusiasm for a short time. So, I offered to foster her until she was adopted.
Argh! She's always on the go, either leaping around outside or pacing around inside. I take her for long walks, but she never seems tired out. Probably that is because, ironically, when I am not there, she sleeps. At night, she paces and barks at imaginary things outside. I think she's getting better about night time though.