Eclectic... an understatement.

I just bought a fresh batch of CDs from my dear friends at BMG Music and it's a mixed bag (literally).
From worst to best:
- Clay Aiken, "Measure of a Man" -- (Please don't hate me.) No, I'm not an American Idol fan, but I've seen this kid a few times and he's got a great voice and even better, a great personality. Acerbic wit is rarely seen amongst the rags-to-riches American success stories seen nowadays and I'd like to support it. A.I. took a relatively nerdy looking kid and made him, if not exactly a matinee idol, then something a couple doors down. The nice thing? The kid has personality and a good handle on the important things in life. So, I thought I'd buy his album to support him. The album itself is pretty wishywashy. He's got a great voice, but the cheesy ballads aren't my cup-o-tea.
- Yo Yo Ma, "Simply Baroque" -- I love baroque music and Yo Yo Ma is one of the best. How could I go wrong? I didn't. The CD is nice background music, including one of my favorite composers, J. S. Bach, and one of my favorites of his compositions "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." Very pretty and very soothing.
- Howard Shore, "Two Towers Soundtrack" -- A beautiful beautiful score. I love soundtracks in general and the LotR ones have been wonderful. I will definitely listen to this one a lot.
- Jet, "Get Born" -- a new rock and roll band from Australia that I am now enamoured with. (You may have heard thier recent hit single "Are You Gonna Be My Girl".) They rock hard and have a good beat, but also have good roots with classic rock. Loud and fun and the ballads don't make me ill. I like them a lot and hope they stick around.


Anonymous said...

Are the Lord of the Rings Soundtracks all different? Hmmm I might have to think about that one. Cill
PS. I couldn't comment as easily on your blog as reuben, how come?

Anne C. said...

You know, I'm not positive how different they are. I do know that some music brings a visual of the scene that it overlays (when the orcs were transporting Merry and Pippin, for example). Max would be a better judge than me.
As for the difficulty in commenting, yes, that is irritating, isn't it? Reuben has a better set up for his entire blog, in my opinion. Blogger is easy to set up, but not as flexible. I'll be switching to Reuben's blogging system as soon as I have the time to learn about it. :)