Cuteness Webcam

I don't generally follow animal webcams, as I'm not very consistent, BUT...
I finally followed Firefox's link to a webcam for firefox (or red panda) cubs and jeezoopeetz, are they cute!
If they're sleeping, like they are now, you can click on the "meet the cubs" tab to see some up close cuteness.


Pie, for dinner?

"What do you have for dessert?  Peas?"
- 80s TV advertisement

This picture of a beef curry pie with a parsley crust that I made yesterday goes out to all the folks who missed the photos I posted on Facebook of the San Francisco trip.  (If you're interested I can post some of them here too.  Requests can be entered in the comments  :)


Intellectual Attraction

An Alien's Guide to Earth

This somewhat rambling and popular-talk-show style podcast/radio program has, at its core, a great interview between Neil Degrasse Tyson and Jon Stewart about The Daily Show's newest book "Earth: The Book."
If you can stomach the talk-show banter (honestly, I wouldn't have made it through if the interview was even one notch less interesting) and the ads (virtuous ads, but still ads), this interview illustrates why I adore Jon Stewart.  He really speaks about the things I think about.  You know that conversation-starter question about "what famous persons would you most like to invite to dinner?"  He's at the top of my list.