In Lieu of Actual Content

Since I posted a general update to my family's website, I feel like it would be redundant to do so here.
So, instead, I'll post a couple of interesting articles I've come across in my www travels:
(Both from Slate online editorial magazine)

Thanks for Your Hard Work. Now Get Out!: Can a Persian Gulf-style guest-worker program succeed in the U.S.? (Found on a Star Trek forum where they were discussing the feasibility of a society where no one has to work.)

The White Stuff: How vanilla became shorthand for bland. (Saw it on the sidebar while reading another Slate article and was moved to read it out of my interest in cooking.)

And my most recent book find:
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire. A retelling of the Cinderella story, from a different perspective.


Papers = Bed

I started sorting catalogs, which is obviously a good location to get some well earned rest. Posted by Picasa


Mothers are great

I was in the middle of writing a bland post about not having any posts for the last month or two -- then I got a wonderful package in the mail.
Backstory: A couple weeks ago, someone came into my house through an unlocked patio door (so technically didn't break in) and stole most of my little DVD collection and a CD/Boombox (that I didn't really like anyway, nyah nyah nyah). Long story short: I'm sad over the loss of my DVDs, but relieved because it could have been so much worse.
Anyway, I made a seperate list on Amazon of the DVDs I needed to replace. (No insurance money because damages were less than my deductable.)
Today, I got in the mail a package from Amazon with a big bunch of DVDs, some from my stolen list and some I had never had before. I knew my mum had ordered some, but I was overwhelmed by her generosity.
Thank you, Mummy! You are awesome! :)