Considering NaNoWriMo

I hadn't been thinking that I would do NaNoWriMo this year, since I have been too busy to write for longer than I can remember.  But I just realized something.  It starts tomorrow and:
a) Glen has his son this weekend, so my time will be more free than usual and I might be able to start strongly enough to make up for next weekend being completely booked. (Saturday, I have a meeting for WiD and plans to visit with Janiece, but those are my only extra-curricular commitments for the weekend.)
b) My nephews are no longer within driving distance, so my usual "every other week" visits are no longer on the schedule.
Hmmm... maybe I can try it this year.  Would be nice to play around with words again.  Have no plot or characters or even a genre picked out, but hmm... maybe...