Back from the Life

Sorry I've been AWOL, dear readers. I have been so busy with life that I haven't had time to keep this site updated. So here's a brief synopsis of the last month or so and you'll see what has been keeping me so busy.
- I've got new responsibilities at work that keep me on my toes. I'm a job captain, with a job that just finished schematic design. I am the one responsible for the quality of the drawings (and information contained therein). I also am having my first real management experience. I have one gal working under me, who I have to keep busy.
- I got a bonus at work, which meant I had the money to start a new home improvement phase...
- Phase III of my home improvement process is painting the cabinet fronts and putting on new hardware (hinges and pulls). That was taking a long time, but my wonderful sister came over one Saturday to help! Yay! Of course, I'm still working on it -- I'm supposed to be painting the trim on the cabinets and putting on a decorative stencil. Then, I'm sure my sister will come over again to help me put on the hardware and put the fronts back on the cabinets.
- My sister organized a surprise birthday party for me. I was SO oblivious! It was wonderful to see my friends and family together and chatting with each other. It was wierd being the center of attention, but it's only once a year, so I figure I'll live.
- I'm having to give up some of my online friends. I haven't had time to keep up with the forums like I used to and I don't like posting if I haven't been reading everything everyone else has said.
- I injured my self a bit. I don't think it was a sports injury originally, but playing soccer really made it worse. I didn't plan on playing that following weekend, but we had a snowstorm, so the games were postponed anyway. Last weekend I played and felt fine the whole time. I was so relieved. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed playing until I thought I wouldn't be able to.
- Been going NOWHERE. I had been procrastinating before, but now I just haven't had the time.
The Cats:
- They are the same as usual. Matti's a little fatter and Martin's a little skinnier than they were when I first got them, so I think they're doing well on thier current diet. They're happy, and so am I.

What are my plans this weekend?
Wine-tasting party this evening (starts at 6, which is why I have time between work and the party to write this post)
Possibly sushi afterwards (a friend is visiting from out of town and some of my friends are getting together with her)
Painting kitchen cabinets tomorrow
Housewarming Open House tomorrow afternoon
Possibly a movie with my brother, sister, and brother-in-law tomorrow
Soccer on Sunday

Yep. I'm busy.