I haven't been posting the soccer results lately, but my team is doing tons better lately.
We won the last game of the previous season (Aug. 15), which I missed. :(
Then we won the first game of the new season (Aug. 29), which I did not miss. It was pretty much a blowout, since the team we were playing were really new.
THEN we won last night's game against an opponent that has beaten us three times before. It was a hard fought game, we were down 1-6 at the half-time. We won 10-8. They are a very physical team, so we got into a few scuffles, but it was a very enjoyable game. :)
Go Team!


Here's Lookin' at You

Yours truly in front of my new (FREE!) webcam. Apparently Comcast is trying to get people to use their video email service. I don't usually like photos or video of myself, but this webcam is strangely addictive. Posted by Hello


Coordination conference in my office between Director of Construction, Project Architect, and Project Designer. Design-Build in action. Posted by Hello

Design Challenges

Two articles that came to my attention today...

Uniform Redesign

Flag Redesign

Blogging Troubles

I have had some trouble updating my blog for the last few days. I don't know if was Blogger or me (probably the former), but I deleted some of my posts containing incidental photos (test posts and the like), in case you were looking for them.


A sunset Aileen and I saw on the way back from scouting a temp job location. Posted by Hello