Cats, can't beat 'em

... so join 'em.
I think my cats are taking a correspondence course in how to be cat-like. Semester 1 was a fundamental course, "Laps: How to Monopolize Them." Semester 2 is apparently "Laundry Basket Sitting". I've never seen them get in one before -- granted, I don't often leave a full one out -- but today Martin figured it out and Matti was quick to follow. Did I take a picture? Of course! (Now there are a billion and one pictures of cats in laundry baskets out there. Posted from now on in the photo area on the right.)


Quote for the Day

"People who are happy believe in happiness... People who are unhappy believe in unhappiness." - Amy Bloom in Oprah magazine

Taking this quote completely out of context (article about marriage) it is an interesting concept to mull over.


As long as I'm procrastinating...

...I might as well produce a post for my blog.

I've been feeling very frustrated with myself lately. I'm supposed to be writing. Not this instance, because "it's five minutes to bedtime," not to mention I've wasted two hours (or more) already, what's five more minutes.
It all starts very simply. "I'm just checking my email." "I'm just..." prefaces a bunch of similar statements. I'm just Procrastinating!!!!! Because 10 minutes turns into 30, turns into an hour, turns into two, etc.
Where's the willpower I know is in here?


2/8/05 Addendum: Not only did I waste time all evening, I wasted time even in my dreams. I dreamt last night that I was at a party, but spent the whole time talking to someone on my cellphone. I think they were lost and I was trying to talk them through the directions to the party. Then, when they got to the party, I had to leave right away to deliver something insignificant (in the middle of the night) to somewhere about an hour away. When I woke up, I was very irritated I spent my sleeping hours not resting. It felt a lot like when I dream about work.
But, I have new hope for this evening, because Feb. 9th is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. What an auspicious time to reform! OK, so I don't need the beginning of something to start afresh - every new moment is an opportunity for that - but come on, I'm grasping at straws here. Stay tuned for a report on my success (failure is not an option).