Quote for the Day

"People who are happy believe in happiness... People who are unhappy believe in unhappiness." - Amy Bloom in Oprah magazine

Taking this quote completely out of context (article about marriage) it is an interesting concept to mull over.


Slick said...

I would definitely agree with that. I know it's the case with me and my ex... for the most part. long story, but she is rather unhappy, and thinks that's the way of life, whereas I'm usually pretty happy with life... and I think there's happiness to be found everywhere

Aileen said...
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Aileen said...

It's kind of a question of what comes first, the chicken or the egg. If you believe in happiness, then you will be happy; if you believe in unhappiness, then you will be unhappy. Self-fulfilling prophecy. OR . . . if you are happy, then you believe in happiness; if you are unhappy, then you believe in unhappiness. Your reality affects your perceptions. Of course, both are really true in the end. That's why it can be so hard for some people to change their own situation in life. It takes a truly indomitable spirit to overcome some of what life throws at people . . . but once you get to "happiness" and you know what it feels like, you can always find your way back. :-)

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