Cats, can't beat 'em

... so join 'em.
I think my cats are taking a correspondence course in how to be cat-like. Semester 1 was a fundamental course, "Laps: How to Monopolize Them." Semester 2 is apparently "Laundry Basket Sitting". I've never seen them get in one before -- granted, I don't often leave a full one out -- but today Martin figured it out and Matti was quick to follow. Did I take a picture? Of course! (Now there are a billion and one pictures of cats in laundry baskets out there. Posted from now on in the photo area on the right.)


Slick said...

your cats are sooo cute... I wish my cat was that sweet. and I am personally jealous that they will actually sit in your lap... to quote "Napolean Dynamite"



Aileen said...

Awwwwww! That is the sweetest picture! For cats in training, they sure are good at what they do! Now I'm sure you'll just "happen" to leave the laundry basket out a little more often than you used to, right? ;-)

Anne C. said...

Not bloody likely, unless I suddenly develop a love for cat hair on my clothes.

They are danged cute though. I was trapped on the couch yesterday evening, watching Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica, and Numbers, with a cat on my lap and a cat next to me. Fortunately, both the remote control and my knitting were within reach.