Mothers are great

I was in the middle of writing a bland post about not having any posts for the last month or two -- then I got a wonderful package in the mail.
Backstory: A couple weeks ago, someone came into my house through an unlocked patio door (so technically didn't break in) and stole most of my little DVD collection and a CD/Boombox (that I didn't really like anyway, nyah nyah nyah). Long story short: I'm sad over the loss of my DVDs, but relieved because it could have been so much worse.
Anyway, I made a seperate list on Amazon of the DVDs I needed to replace. (No insurance money because damages were less than my deductable.)
Today, I got in the mail a package from Amazon with a big bunch of DVDs, some from my stolen list and some I had never had before. I knew my mum had ordered some, but I was overwhelmed by her generosity.
Thank you, Mummy! You are awesome! :)

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