Ok, I know it's not PC to admit you like bacon, but I do. I don't eat it often. A couple of times a year, maybe. Since I'm going camping this weekend, I was preparing hobo meals in advance and getting sandwich materials together. I needed something easy to have for dinner tonight, since by the time we get there and get the tent set up, I won't be feeling like waiting for dinner. So, I had the brilliant idea to have a rare indulgence -- a BLT. Mmmmm... I bought a few strips of bacon and cooked them last night, had a tiny taste (Mmmm...) and made the sandwich. And now I can't stop thinking about bacon. (And again... Mmmm....)

I think one of my favorite parts of camping (besides waking up early) is planning the food I'll take. Nothing fancy, just hobo dinners of hamburger or chicken or salmon, potatoes or zucchini or broccoli, and mushrooms, stuff like that. Actually, maybe it's having everything packaged up and ready to eat. Prepared for me. The labor involved is enough removed from the reward it's like being your own butler. "Would you like dinner, madam? The chicken or the beef? Very well, madam."

I'm really looking forward to a weekend off. I'll post a report when I get back, but I fully expect it to read something along the lines of... ate, read book, wrote in journal, ate, napped, read book, talked to friends, ate, socialized, slept. Repeat as necessary. Maybe we'll put in some hiking or fishing, but just a little.

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