The Office Panther

Today I was standing next to the receptionist's desk and noticed that our office cat (our office is a renovated house) was sitting in the window, wanting to come in. I noticed something in his mouth and as the receptionist stood up to let him in I said, "Oh, looks like Bygalow caught a mouse." Debbie, the receptionist cringed, so I went out to admire Byg's present. It was a small mouse, barely larger than 2 inches in the body. I praised our proud hunter and took it from him. After being distracted for a moment, Bygalow started looking for it, not realizing I had it in my hand. So, I left him to his search and disposed of the body in our dumpster. All in a day's work.


Aileen said...

What exactly is the cat's name? Bygalow? And how do you pronounce that?

Anne C. said...

That's the name Bigalow, but with a "y" so that the first three letters are BYG, the initials of the firm.