Romantic Comedies...

This weekend I watched two romantic comedies on DVD (unusual for me):
Alex & Emma -- *** (3 stars of 5) Amusing movie. I liked that it was about a writer (and portrayed pretty well) and the actors were good. The premise was interesting and well done. There was something missing, though. I liked it, but it didn't really stir me. The book within the movie was corny and a bit contrived. Good video fare, but I'm glad I didn't pay movie ticket prices to see it.
Love Actually -- **** (4 stars of 5) Well done film, wonderful actors. Explored love along several different lines and the sad moments were as potent as the sweet ones. Being somewhat realistic, some of the stories don't turn out happily and it breaks your heart. I can't speak highly enough about the acting, from the child actor (so cute!) all the way through the comedic ones (Hugh Grant was especially good, if not exactly stretching his range) and the dramatic ones (Emma Thompson is phenomenal). I recommend it, but probably won't own a copy.

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Aileen said...

I agree about Alex and Emma, the romance between the two was not stirring enough to me to make it world while in the end. But it was cute.

I really want to see "Love Actually" I had heard that it was very good. I'm going to go out and rent it ASAP.