OK already!

Well, I certainly got some snarky comments about not posting recently, but in the words of one of my latest TV shows... "chill out, dudes."
I'm now at my parents' house in Oklahoma (did anyone catch the pun in the title?) and feeling more relaxed already. I will try to be more introspective in my next post, but I wanted to post *something* for the few readers I have left.
So what is the question for the day? I feel like sometimes I react negatively to things when I feel like I should know better. For example, I recently had a situation with a friend where I intellectually knew I had no reason to be upset or mad, but I was acting like it. Then, I realized what was actually upsetting me wasn't the overall situation (which I understood the reasoning of) but one of the symptoms -- I felt ignored, and I don't like it. Ironically, snubbing them was my response (though who knows if they noticed). As soon as I realized what my real issue was and realized I was treating someone in a way I didn't like being treated myself, I immediately let go of the irritation. Interesting, huh?
Hmm, that turned out to be more introspective than I expected. Cool. I'm off the hook until next time. :)


Slick said...

(I'm one of those readers you have left)

hmm, good example of a time when you reacted negatively even though you knew you shouldn't. I remember a very similar situation in which, I was just in a horrible mood cause of work or something, and then I just acted rudely towards her because of it.

I think it's one of those things, like you said.. once we realize what's going on, we are better apt to fixing it. :D

Aileen said...

Ok, Miss Thing, I must address the "snarky" comment . . . comment. After all the &#$@! I get when I don't keep on the up-and-up on your blog . . . I'm alowd a snark or two. ;-) I really like saying the word snarky, by the way . . . On the subject of your blog, it really is a great feeling when you see your problem, you recognize it, shake it by the hand, and happily send it on it's snarky way . . . :-) It's very liberating! :-)

Anne C. said...

Yay! Two readers left! :)
That's two more than I expected.

I like the word "snarky" too. I'll try and give you plenty of opportunities to use it. ;)