Quick Update

I've been doing pretty well keeping abreast of things at work. I do need to bring home my notes and photos to write the latest field report. Bleah, but it'll probably result in a new site photo for you guys.

There was a anti-trolling post that devolved into general disarray over at Nathan's. I committed Jigai (was going to say Seppuku, but learned better over there at wikipedia) over there to shake things up. Aileen, if you go over there and say "The Grabill Family is confused." that would be awesome.

And right now, on TV, they're showing Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which is one of the more depressing movies out there. Those of you who have been around me for a while know that I have some major pet peeves with the portrayal of marriage in popular media. I think I'll sign off here and turn off the TV before I go into a rant about it.



Unknown said...

But, dear heart, you couldn't possibly have committed Jigai unless you consider Janeice shooting you with the musket to be an "assisted" Jigai.
Shall I make a comment in Portuguese there? (that way at least they have a genuine troll).

Tom said...

Wait a minute! This may be your Public Storage Space, but it's also your public forum. It's your duty as a blogger to rant! Everybody I know has a Rant! category, or something similar. It's a major part of blogdom.

If you don't rant, the terrorists have already won.

Oh, you're tired. Well, that is an accepted excuse for delay, but I expect rants later, young lady! If you don't rant, it will go on your permant record. Mark my words.

Anne C. said...

Let's just say I was *trying* to commit Jigai by myself by jumping overboard. Janiece just made sure the job was done.

I'm sure Nathan would love it if he got multi-lingual trollage. As he has explained, if trolls are entertaining, they'll be permitted to live. :)

As to ranting, well, I have a rant on rants too. I had a bit of kerfufle about a marriage related rant some while back. I promise to go on about something though (see latest post)!

Tania said...

When you're ready to rant, I'll be ready with a nice selection of the following:

Damn straight!
Well said.
I couldn't agree more. I'm not sure why it isn't obvious to everyone else.

John the Scientist said...


(That's the proper response to sayonara). If you want multi-lingual trollage, it can be arranged.

Random Michelle K said...

Ok, so I'm stupid. But why is Mr & Mrs Smith anti-marriage?

What did I miss?

I saw: couple keeping secrets from each other, thus marriage falls apart. Secrets are revealed, turmoil because of secrets, everything out in the open, marriage recovers once spouses are honest with each other.

Plus a whole lot of bustin' stuff up and Brad Pitt getting beat up, which is what I like in a movie.

Anne C. said...

I wouldn't say it's anti-marriage per se. Although a friend of mine who just got divorced LOVES that movie because he feels it accurately represents it. What does that tell ya?
Anyway, I don't like it because the marriage portrayed is all the negative stereotypes. Other examples: that H&R Block ad that I *Haaaaate* where the wife makes fun of the husband for buying a tax program ("tell the box you're stuck"), and the TV show (Bionic Woman?) where the guy fools a lie detector and explains why he's so good at lying, "I'm married."
It's depressing, not really anti-marriage. (I can open this up into it's own post, if you like.)

Random Michelle K said...

Hm.... I'd say it accurately represents divorce more than marriage.

I guess I viewed it as a movie that shows what can go catastrophically wrong if spouses take each other for granted and don't trust each other, but also showed how even a couple at the absolute bottom can salvage their marriage.

But I did watch it for the explosions, so I do take that into consideration.

MWT said...

I hate that tax one too. A large number of the reasons why I'm generally a misogynist are represented in that woman.

Tom said...

Arggh! Too many typos!

I can be a misogynist, sometimes, but I try to balance it with equal parts of misandronism.

Disclaimer: I thought I knew about marriage, until after the second one failed. Then I realized I didn't even know much about single men and women.

Anne C. said...

That's exactly why I want to throw knives at the TV when that woman comes on. She would make anyone a misogynist!

Tania said...

Damn straight, she makes me want to jump into TVLand and start beating her with the box.

Random Michelle K said...

I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

So thank you for reminding me why the only TV I watch is on DVD.