Hope for Coral

It's amazing what science can do. I found this cool article about how Coral May Get Help Adapting to Warmer Waters. Since I started diving last year, I've become much more aware of the decline of oceanic ecology. It's good to see news about people trying to help.


Shawn Powers said...

I've only seen the ocean once. It was amazingly beautiful, and that was just from the shore.

Here's hoping that as a species, our smart out-paces our dumb. Dumb has had quite a head start...

MWT said...

Sadly, it's very much an "out of sight, out of mind" problem. Because it's underwater where no one can see, people don't tend to think much about what goes on there.

I attended a seminar a few years back where someone put up the total numbers of Dept of Natural Resources rangers for national forests (a high number), plus total square area they had to cover (a moderately low number), next to the numbers of patrol personnel for marine sanctuaries (a very low number), next to the total area (a very high number). His conclusion was "obviously, we marine people are amazingly efficient and effective at what we do."