V-day Feast, Part I

I forgot to mention that my Valentine's Day feasting would begin earlier in the day with lunch. My boss (one of the ones with his name on the firm) took me, my immediate superior, and another architect, who worked on the custom units program for my project out to lunch as a thank you for working so hard on the project.
He took us to Ellyngton's at The Brown Palace, a posh restaurant and historic hotel. We had a really hard time deciding what to get. I finally settled on the Lobster BLT, which was Maine lobster, Bibb lettuce, yellow tomatoes and applewood smoked bacon on a thick slab of toast, open-face. There was also a stack of freshly made french fries on the side. I decided on this because I so rarely get lobster that I didn't even remember what it tasted like, only that it's expensive and people like it a lot. It was very good. The flavors worked well together, particularly the tomato and bacon. The lobster I preferred alone, to appreciate the buttery flavor, and since I was eating this all with a knife and fork, I was able to mix and match as needed. Two other of my party had the Georges Banks Scallops entree and one had the American Kobe Burger with the caramelized onion and foie gras butter. He said he had never gone to an expensive restaurant and ordered a burger, so he wanted to try it.
We all had a "dessert shot" and coffee (hot tea for me) at the end. I had the Key Lime Pie one. It was a layered dessert with graham cracker crumbs, then key lime pie filling, then whipped cream on top, all in a large shot glass. It was very tasty and would be super easy to make in quantity (provided you have a bunch of shot glasses) for a dinner party. The other flavors tend to be things like cheesecake, chocolate or peanut butter mousse, and any creme pie filling. Lends itself well to adaptation, you see.
The conversation was good too. This is the boss who's a little less shmoozy than the other one, so it felt a little more authentic. I really appreciate that he really appreciates the work we do. Hopefully they'll remember that when bonuses come out too. ;)

The meal was just the right amount, didn't leave us stuffed or wanting for more. It lasted 2 hours though, so I was really glad I anticipated this and told the meeting I was going to afterwards that I would be late.

I've already got the wine for my dinner with the Grabills. I got French wines, since the menu is all French. The dessert wine is Italian, but [shrug] I think it'll be fine. I'm really looking forward to tonight! I'm taking my camera with me. I didn't think to bring the camera to the restaurant, but I'm planning ahead for dinner. Yum yum yum!

Oh, and one of my brother-in-laws sent a Valentine's Day story about a man and his wife who has Alzheimer's. The best part of the post was:
True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be.

Thank you, Mel!


Anonymous said...

Happy V-Day to you. PvP was cute. I love it when the boss pays for dinner. I got one last week when my supervisor and 2 fellow teachers had to go to a curriculum meeting. We didn't go anywhere as posh. We went to Cheddars. Good place to go and always busy.
I like you had to plan for this and not be late to my night class that I teach.

Unknown said...

For making desserts in shot glasses for a crowd you could buy those little plastic glasses that are used for disposable wine glasses at parties.
Glad your bosses appreciate your hard work.