Busy Day

I have a nice, deep post brewing about gender role differences, but am swamped at work today. Will post when I can.
[boss comes in, casually tapping a bullwhip against thigh]
Caio for now!


Tania said...

Dang, you get a bullwhip wielding boss?

I have the most boring workplace. Seriously.

Anne C. said...

Didn't I tell you, I work for Indiana Jones?

Anonymous said...

Não pode esperar o rant no gender e na união.
(Not as good as John the Scientist :-(
Bullwhips é sobre-over-rated. Especialmente quando bateram o usuário.

Janiece said...

I know how to use a bullwhip. Seriously.

I learned when I was a teen-ager, and I still have a couple around here somewhere...

::Rummages around in basement::

Ah, here we go.