"I am no one to be trifled with."

Here, for your general amusement:

Westley / The Dread Pirate Roberts

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

I got Wesley, which I thought might be the "middle of the road" character (the quiz default when the answers are inconclusive), so I tried the quiz twice more and got Wesley every time. So I guess I'm Wesley.
Since I've seen other people's results on other blogs, I'll sum up the results. So far we've seen:
2 Fezziks (Janiece and MWT)
1 Yellin (Tom)
1 Valerie (Michelle)
2 Miracle Maxes (Jeri and Cindi in CO)
1 Vizzini (Nathan)
2 Wesleys (myself and Jim Wright)
1 Buttercup (Kate)

So are the results accurate? [shrug] You tell me.

Updated results:
2 Fezziks (Janiece & MWT)
1 Yellin (Tom)
1 Valerie (Michelle)
2 Miracle Maxes (Jeri and Cindi in CO)
2 Vizzinis (Nathan & Tania)
4 Wesleys (myself, Jim Wright, Stacey, & Max)
3 Buttercups (Kate, Rebekah, & Jenn)
2 Inigo Montoyas (Aileen & Steve B.)


Janiece said...

Anne, it doesn't surprise me that you're Westley. And even though I initially thought it odd that I was Fezzik, I think it suits me now.

Nathan said...

I purposely chose answers that would get me Vizzini. He's my fave.

Random Michelle K said...

I think Valerie is perfect for me, as that's the kind of little old lady I plan on being.

The way things tend to go, I should have more than enough character by that time. ;)

Nathan cheated! Nathan cheated!

Anonymous said...

Make that 2 buttercups...I can actually see it in me.

Tania said...

I got Vizzini too. I figure it's because I picked my "Intellect" as my defining feature. Yeah, it's accurate. I'll be taken out as a direct result of my own arrogance.

Mummy Grabill said...

I have another one to add to your list - I was Inigo Montoya. Though, I'm not so adventurous as him. I'm not sure how I got that . . .

Tom said...

Sounds like accuracy is within statistical limits.

I still don't know who Vizzini is. Either not in the second half of the story, or I missed something and will have to watch it again. Oh wait, watching it again (and again..) is my assignment.

Stacey said...

Make that 3 Westley's.

Anne C. said...

Yes, Tom, Vizzini is a first half character. He is hilarious and has many of the best quotes. You'll see!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that Miracle Max is kind of a combo/default choise. But he's a cool character!