I am the Walrus

I saw Next recently. It has some entertaining concepts and it's executed reasonably well. Nicolas Cage is not an attractive man, but he did a decent job, as did Julianne Moore. Some parts were a bit predictable, but considering the man's talent was prediction, this actually contributed to the movie.
What I'm irritated about is that I heard someone say Jessica Biel was "fat" in that movie. (!!!!!!!!) Take a look. Yeah, she's enormous, isn't she? Granted, she looks heavier than she did in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, but as she looked unnaturally thin in that one, I think that's a good thing. Anyway, she's probably about my height, and in Next, she's probably about 20-30 lbs. lighter than I am. I know the person's comment wasn't directed at me, but it made me really frustrated with society. A normal, healthy weight actress is called "fat" and I'm not supposed to take it personally? I'm only a little overweight (see above reference to 20-30 lbs. lighter and I'd be a "heavy" Jessica Biel) and have been self-concious about my weight for what seems like my entire life. I'm *really* looking forward to when I get to worry about my age too. Yippee! [/sarcasm]

On a more serious note, I know there's no pleasing some people and it's not worth worrying about what they think. I agree. I am just so flaming mad because it was listening to ****heads like that when I was young that made me feel inadequate in the first place.


Janiece said...

Anne, you're not overweight - not even a little.

Feel free to give anyone who says otherwise the Smackdown.

Nathan said...

My God, She's HUUUUGE! The guy who said that must have sat in the front row.

Random Michelle K said...

Y'know, crap like that is why I don't own a freaking scale.

I read BS like that and wonder how Marilyn Monroe would be judged were she around today.

I thought Jessica Biel looked best in The Illusionist (See here) and she had some gorgeous curves there.

What the heck is wrong with people, that they have no idea what a healthy body looks like?

And Anne, what cured me of worrying about my weight was a best friend who harassed me unmercifully when I was too thin. He's rub my back and then start counting my ribs, and in generally he'd tell me I was too damned skinny and need to put on some weight. That did a lot towards helping me come to turn with carrying "real" weight. I'm 5'7" 140 pounds, very fit, and if someone doesn't like it, that's their problem, not mine.

If you like, I can start telling you you're too think and need to eat a sandwich--or perhaps some scones. :)

Nathan said...

I can start telling you you're too think

Anne's too smart. Anne's too smart.

(It may have been funnier in my head.)

Anne C. said...

Well, I'm still working on being a smartass like you, Nathan. ;)

I find that body image is two contradictory things: one, it's based on comparison, "I'm bigger than Jennifer Aniston, therefore, I'm fat" and two, it's not based on reality (granted, Hollywood is not real -- that's not what I'm going for here). Someone might point to a bulge around their middle when they're sitting down that we'd throw up our hands and say "that's just skin, dummy!" So it's an unrealistic comparison in so many ways.
It drives me nuts.

Michelle, I don't own a scale either. I imagine we'd look very similar standing next to each other. I'm a wee bit taller, and probably ~10 lbs heavier, but no one ever seems believe I'm the weight the scale says -- in a good way. Possibly muscle mass or dense bones have something to do with that.
My family has been very good about giving me the "give me a break" look when I say something negative about my looks. So much so that I'm almost broken of it.
Almost. ;)

Janiece said...

Michelle, I'm with you. The standard comment in my family is "Have a Sammich" when we see the chronically thin. We nagged one of my cousins (a long distance runner) until she gained 10-15 pounds. She was WAY too thin.

Mummy Grabill said...

hear hear to "have a sammich". I've also been known to tell some of my friends to "eat something, please"

Anne - you NOT even a little overweight silly. You are perfect.

This is one big reason why I like Women's Health magazine - it features strong, fit women who do NOT contribute to the societal pressure of being "thin".

Random Michelle K said...

Actually, our comment on models is that they need to eat a LARD sandwich. :)