Toiling Like Sisyphus

A wee bit over dramatic, but this last exam has an aggravatingly large study book. Four hundred pages over 20 days is 20 pages per day. Not too bad, except that I'm easily destrac- ooh, shiny thing!
Where was I? Oh, yes... so a missed day or two becomes 20, 40, 60 pages behind. So, I'm making it up this weekend. I've read enough this morning that I've got only 30 pages to catch up on by the end of the day. Then, I hope to get ahead of my schedule so that I can have some distraction days next week.
My friend, Stacey, suggested that I take the practice exam at the end of the book to see which parts I need to study and maybe I wouldn't have to read it all, but I'm a little wary of changing my strategy at this point. I've got seven passes so far, mostly by reading the entire study manual for each exam. I don't know what part of it is the key - mostly, I think I retain information in my subconcious and use it to improve my guessing success - so I'd rather just stick with it for another two weeks.
So, I'm going back to pushing this stone up hill.
Hope your weekends are going better!


Random Michelle K said...

Ugh. Hope you get ahead of the game--that sounds miserable.

Anne C. said...

It's mostly just a pain in the ass. I am now caught up -- actually, I'll need to read a little more to catch up with today -- and so any further reading will be gravy. I'm slogging through the middle of the book right now, in the chapter on zoning and building codes (woo. hoo.) but it should get marginally better when I move on to scheduling and then budgeting.

Two more weeks! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Tom said...

"Insanity" is doing the same thing, and expecting different results.

"Sanity" is doing the same thing, and getting the same (successful) results.

Here's to sanity, and success! We have all faith in you Anne. Keep it going.

Tania said...

Good luck, my thoughts are with you. I'm doing stats homework today, so really - my thoughts and sympathies are with you.