Ho Hum, Another Exam

Oh, forgot to say how the exam went -- OK, I think. I'm not sure if that's because I actually had to guess less or because I'm getting used to not knowing the answers for sure. The good news is, I feel more on the "probably passed" side of things. The bad news is, I don't know if that actually translates into passing. I'd almost rather feel the standard "eep!" that has yielded passes in the past.
We'll see in a couple weeks.

Thanks for your support, everyone!

In the meantime: ONE MORE TEST TO GO!
That'll be in three weeks. O_o


belsum said...

So what happens after all the tests are successfully passed?

Anne C. said...

I do some paperwork, take an open book exam on ethics and/or local issues, then I get a license. Not all bosses give an immediate raise, particularly because I will continue working at my current level, but it will increase my earning potential.

In theory, having a license means that I would be able to go out and practice architecture on my own. I'm not likely to do that, since it's a lot of work and has a lot of risk (flow of income, I mean), certainly not any time soon.

The second best thing is that I'll be able to call myself an architect, not have to explain that I'm an unlicensed architectural worker bee. The best thing is that people will stop asking when am I going to take it. ;)

John the Scientist said...

I see you took Lateral Forces. Is that the same as the 3 laws of Civil Engineering?:

1. Water flows downhill.

2. You can't push with a string.

3. If it moves, it's broken.


Anne C. said...

LOL! That's awesome, John.

All of them work for architecture too (except I'd amend the last -- if it moves significantly, it's broken).

I'm going to put them up at my desk at work. :)