B.G. - Before Google

What in the heck did we do before Google?

I was just surfing (before going back to reading, of course!) and ran across this image (source link is here) and noticed the prisoner's number was 24601. That seemed like a familiar set of numbers, but what was it? A zip code? The end of a phone number?

Googling the number combination seemed like a shot in the dark, but I had to know. Google came through! (Hint: it's not the zip code.)

So the question remains, how did we find answers to obscure questions B.G,?


Janiece said...

We suffered in dark, dirty ignorance.

Nathan said...

We suffered in dark, dirty ignorance.

And those who actually did enough research to find such obscure pieces of info got dirty looks from the rest of us. :-)

Anonymous said...

Les Miserable....My favorite

B.G. spent way too much time in the library trying to find that little obscure data or we just lived without knowing...one of those eternal unknown pieces of information.

Random Michelle K said...

I just waited for it to filter through my brain.

Of course the site I look things up on the most is IMDb. As in, "that guy looks familar, what else has he been in?" or "wasn't he a veddik--the cranky one that came from the past" or "didn't he play a klingon before?"

Anne C. said...

Heh. A knowledge of ST. I knew I liked you for a reason, Michelle. ;)

Random Michelle K said...


I'm geeky only about Deep Space Nine. I know some things about TNG, because I've had to watch it several times, but DS9 is one of my all time fav shows EVER.

And it's kidna fun to recognize an actor, not know why, and then discover they played an alien on ST. It happens far more frequently than you'd think.

Anne C. said...

That's ok, Michelle. I'm a ST dilitant (sp?) myself. I've got a passing familiarity with most of the lore (Lore? ;) but not quite so indepth about the details. My mum is a big DS9 fan. I hear it is the best written of all the series.

Random Michelle K said...

DS9 is the BEST EVAR!

(must not rave.... must not rave...)

If you get the chance, it really is worth it to watch the whole series in order.

We have all seven seasons, but I don't think you're close enough to swing by and borrow them. :)

MWT said...

Seven? So you don't count the 8th season? ;)

Random Michelle K said...

I'm not fooled, there was no 8th season in DS9. Only some tie in books after.

Besides, Season 7 was something of a letdown as it was. It did have some of the most excellent episodes in the show, but the story arcs in seasons 6 & 7 were much stronger.

Now there *is* a season 8 of Buffy. I think I've ordered that, but I'm not 100% certain.

Umm.... yeah?