Happy V-day, Everyone!

I wanted to post something about marriage on Valentine's Day because in the last few days I've run across references to the two opposite ends of the marriage spectrum (pretending for the moment there are only two ends to the spectrum). One is a wedding I heard about from a friend about a woman getting married for two reasons: to have children and to have monetary support. It's not about love or being partners, it's just about getting what she wants. One she could get from a sperm bank, but the other she can't. The sad thing is, I'm sure there are millions of marriages (or ex-marriages) that are like that. However, on the positive end of the scale, I ran into a post by the fellow who writes PvP, an online comic strip. Two characters in his strip are engaged and something in the storyline prompts him to write something very unusual about marriage. Not sure I understand it, but from what I gather, I can't understand it yet. So there are all kinds of marriage out there: depressing ones and inspiring ones.

I've got to go to bed, test tomorrow, so I'll leave you with a couple more things:
Several years ago, after being single most Valentine's Days, I decided to always make a fancy dinner -- for myself if no one was with me. That way, I could affirm that I really do love myself, even if I don't act like it all the time (hmm, kinda like a relationship!). This year, I've been invited to my dearest sister and brother-in-law's house for dinner. I haven't had time to even think about making a fancy dinner because of the exams, and they wanted to show me how much they love me by including me in their own festivities. It really means a lot.
I'll regale you all with pictures of tomorrow's feast, but in the meantime, here's a feast of the past: Valentine's Day 2006. I thought I had more, but last year's was unphotographed (I believe it was Asian themed, with fresh spring rolls) and I don't remember when I started. I don't have one for 2005. Maybe I wasn't blogging as thoroughly.

Anyway, the final thing is that I wanted to tell you that I love you all. Thanks for coming by my blog and being part of my life. :)


MWT said...

Awww... *is mushied inside now* :)

Good luck on the test!

Mummy Grabill said...

I love your tradition of making a fancy dinner for yourself for V-day! I think it captures the true of essence of what Valentine's day *should* be all about. Can't wait to see you tonight! Brian already started on the dessert. After seeing the picture of your meal last year, and remember one's in the past, I sure hope we can live up to the standard you've created! ;-) We'll certainly die, or gain a few pounds, trying!

John the Scientist said...

14 years and 2 kids. First and only marriage for both of us.

I understand exactly what PvP was talking about.

Janiece said...

Good luck on the exam!!

I'll buy you lunch to celebrate. I'll send you an e:mail...

John the Scientist said...

Here's another one fer ya.

Random Michelle K said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

We don't celebrate VD, because it always feels so forced to me. But that's just me.

And my husband & I have been married for 9 years, and despite the inevitable ups and down, are both happy and content.

We try to tell each other how lucky we are on a regular basis--even if we're sarcastic when we do so. (As in, "I love you!" "Good! You're required to." and "I love you!" "Why?" "Your earning potential.")

In case you couldn't guess, for us, the most important thing is humor.

Unknown said...

I have a wonderful poem that I have to track down in response to your blog. I agree with John the Scientist. I understand what PvP is talking about.
Stand by......
(also, am thinking of you as you "test")

Tom said...

As MWT said, "mushied." And thanks back for helping me become a part of "our" community (UCFers - eww, that looks not-so-good. You know what I mean, crazy Hijackers, blog buddy circle).

You always need to be good to yourself, not just on Valentine's Day. Take the trouble to treat yourself well, because, ya know, you ARE worth it.