Doctor, doctor, gimme the news

Went for my annual exam this morning and besides the poking in the lady parts, I was highly irritated that I had to fill out two forms by hand. One was short and semi-justified - my insurance provider has changed and though they photocopy the information on the card, they require that you re-print out by hand all the relevant numbers and info. The second was the general health and history form that I have to re-write every single fricken time. Why can't they have it on the computer and then you check to see if the information is up-to-date via a print out or something? I do not recall family history that well and can never remember if anyone in my family has ever had cancer when they were under 70 yrs old. I try and spell my drugs properly, but *they* are the same people who prescribed them! Shouldn't it be in my folder?
Arrrgh! Join the new millenium, people. We're almost a decade into it.

In more pleasant news, I got results back from the 7th exam. I passed. Whew! I was nervous about this one, since I studied the least for it of all the exams I'm taking and relied a lot more on personal experience. This can be good (experience is much more memorable than reading about something) or bad, depending on if my experiences match the answers they want me to give. No more worrying needed, this one is done. The next one is Valentine's Day.

And a bit of trivia I picked up on Good Eats: Raszh = mushroom crazy in Russian. Alton tried to make a bad pun, of couse, so I'll abstain.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on passing your 7th exam! That is such a HUGE undertaking, it's awesome you've done so well thus far.

MWT said...

Congrats on the exam! Good luck on the next one. :)

Stacey said...

One more down, two more to go; I'd say 7 successes is worth celebrating. Good thing we are going to lunch today!

Janiece said...

Go, Anne, Go Anne, it's your birthday!

::Does Griswald the Bear Dance::

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the seven!
Waiting with bated breath for the next two!

Mummy Grabill said...

I KNEW you could do it, Anne!

(joining in with Janiece . . .) "Go Anne, Go Anne, it's your birthday!"
:: Does sprinkler dance::

Anne C. said...

You guys are too funny!

Thanks for the support. It is much appreciated. :)