SD in Review: Food and Fun

We ate lots of junk food, including Entenmann's, Cheetos (crunchy style), Oreos, ice cream, and for some obscure reason, Captain Crunch with Crunchberries.

In an effort to raise the bar, we also got the makings for a baked brie with honey and walnuts (see picture) as well as port and brie with bread. With the leftover puff pastry, I also made a strawberry tart. It turned out OK - a little uneven, but tasty.

Janiece and MG's habit during these trips (when they're not eating junk food) is to eat Mexican food. The reason for this was clear to me when I had my first taste of SD Mexican from a drive through shack (Nando's) - it was absolutely delicious. The meal we had at an actual sit down place (Por Favor) was equally delicious. Yum!


The Mechanicky Gal said...

I assure everyone that teh brie was much better tasting that it appears in this picture. it looks a little... uh...... ravaged.

Stacey said...

Entenmann's is my favorite brand of, well, just about anything. I was raised in NY, and it was standard fair there and you couldn't get it anywhere else. Good to see it's made it's way to the West Coast.
Seeing all the food makes me jealous I wasn't there; as if not being in the company of such wonderful women wasn't enough reason :)