When this post shows up was supposed to show up on the blog, I'll have just started my second interview at a medium-sized architecture firm in Golden, Colorado. I'll let you know how it went when I get back. :)
Thanks for all the texts and tweets and comments. I feel greatly supported by all of you! Many Hugs!

(Darn, meant to change the posting time, but forgot until just as I was clicking the "publish post" button. Grr...)


Janiece said...

Go, Anne! Good thoughts go with you.

Also, if they don't offer you the job, the UCF will "take care of them." ::wink, wink::

Anonymous said...

Luckity luck! All of it good!

(What Janice said about the UCF.)

neurondoc said...



Unknown said...

The latest, the latest! Hear all about it!
Anne is employed again!!! Hurrah for her! Her employers are lucky to have found her,....

John the Scientist said...

Yay Anne. I'm happy for you.