SD in Review: Activities

Within minutes of arriving at Mechanicky Gal's adorable abode (OK, we noshed on Mexican food first), we were climbing the avocado tree next door.

Actually, MG and I climbed and gathered avocados while Janiece and Carol Elaine stayed on the ground to catch the fruit.

It was a lot of fun, especially after I got the hang of climbing.

The next day, we went to the spa and (among other things) got pedicures (documented on Janiece's blog).

On Sunday, we toured San Diego and besides seeing lots of cool houses, I saw the famous Hotel del Coronado, walked on the beach and dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean. (I also got my shorts wet, which made me a bit self-conscious that someone would mistake it for a bladder control issue, but [shrug] what can ya do?)

Activities continued tomorrow with Balboa Park pictures...

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Stacey said...

I'm glad you got to dip your toes and whatnot in the Pacific. It is indeed special. I like the picture of you in the ocean.