I think I've found the motorcycle I would get if money were no object.
It is, of course, a BMW. Fine engineering wrapped in styling that is both sleek and rugged. It's a dual-purpose bike, so in theory I could go off-roading with it. I doubt that I would, but the conformation of it means that rough road conditions would be easier to handle. The other thing is that it's a bit bigger (engine-wise) than I really need. But hey, that's supposed to be a good thing, right?

This is the angle from which I first saw it. ROWR!

I borrowed the photo from a site with some good photos and a review of the bike. AND, for those who would like to see BMW's info on it... well, the structure of BMW's website doesn't make it easy to link to specific info.

(And if money really is no object, I'd probably buy my previous favorite - the Suzuki S50 - too, just for variety... )

Edited to Add: It also could have been this bike, which seems to be a street version of the above (R designator instead of GS). And from the same site, it looks like the GS doesn't have to come with knobby tires.


Stacey said...

that's a sexy little number - nice engine too

belsum said...

This is my dream bike, too.

Jeri said...

Ooh, I would want it - and I'm not even a motorcycle rider. :)

Unknown said...

I prefer it with the knobby tires.... It looks too sleek (as in dubious city slicker) the other way.