Farm Update

Per popular request:

(The buddy with me there in the center is Stacey.)

The farm is doing well. The trees are getting filled in pretty good. AND I get to plant pumpkins. YAY! They're so pretty. You'll also notice there are flowers now. That's new in the game (nice, since it adds color to the farm). I'm saving up for a river and a watermill.


Unknown said...

Um! With such complex greenery, how do you keep track of what needs to be harvested when and where?

neurondoc said...



I'm jealous!!!


Unknown said...

Also, where are the three little pigs?

Anne C. said...

I think they must be hiding in the trees or something.

Brenda, I usually do patterns in crops that have the same maturation period (so that they all harvest at the same time). My current infatuation with pumpkins means that I occasionally have a field that has to be harvested in two steps. (usually a 3 day crop + the pumpkins, which are a 4 day crop).

Mummy Grabill said...

I simply LOVE the patterns in the fields! :-)