First Day

In short, it was OK - a little nerve-wracking, but OK.

I got started pretty well. I got there on time, I was dressed appropriately without being overdressed, and I met up with the HR gal (my first appointment) on my way in.
Halfway through the morning, I got an enormous document from the principal I'll be working with first. It was the Historical Assessment Survey (or something like that) for the buildings I'll be working on first. It was not riveting reading, but I wasn't sure how much I could skim. We had a staff meeting, at which I was introduced to the rest of the firm. They seem like nice folks, though you have to get used to the ultra sharp wit.
After lunch (found a yummy cheese and tomato panini at a local deli), I managed to get an internet connection. I was at no time tempted to get on Facebook or Farmtown, and even felt a little nervous about dashing off a quick tweet. Part of that was because almost all the computers in the workspace (serving 7 employees) faced the wall, meaning my screen was constantly open to observation. The other part was that it seemed to me that no one else was taking any time to do personal tasks - that may have been due to the deadline looming tomorrow, but who knows? So, no risk of lollygagging here!
In the early afternoon, I was getting pretty tired, having stayed up late wrestling with CUBline (the unemployment claim website), and I was reading the gigantor report, which didn't help. A mid-afternoon tea help revive me. Towards the end of the day (as often happens), the principal showed up again and we talked a little about some of the things she'd like done. One of which I was pretty sure I could accomplish by the end of the day (in preparation for a site visit tomorrow). It took a bit of clever computing, but I managed to do what I intended. I wasn't able to do the little bit extra she wanted (which came up after I showed her my first pass and about half an hour from the end of the workday), but I wasn't really willing to stay that much longer than I already did. Yes, I worked late on my first day.
Tomorrow is a site visit! Woo hoo!
My one big mistake was mis-answering the phone with a simple hello. It was after hours and I was taken by surprise by my phone ringing. I was certain it was a wrong number. Of course, I forgot that I'm supposed to have my ultra professional answer every time. I was gently corrected by one of the other gals and I put a post it note on the phone to remind me until I get into the habit.
Speaking of which, one of the nice things about this firm is the number of women in it. Maybe it comes from having one of the two principals a woman, but it was always something I noticed about my last place -- especially after most of the few women who were there (and not administrative staff) were let go early in the layoffs.

Alright. Satisfied, my audience? Now it's time to go work on Farmtown. And cut up the strawberry marshmallows I made on Sunday morning. (A little bit too sweet, if you as me. Next time I'll try lemons or oranges or mangos or something.)


vince said...

Sounds like you did real well on the very first day. Go Anne!!

Unknown said...

You are off to a good start! Good on you.
(from John as well as me)

neurondoc said...

Yes, satisfied. Sounds like it may be interesting work, but I like historical preservation.

As for the phone thing -- yeah, I'm guilty of that in my current job. It was easier in my last job because all of my calls were screened (except for the very few that had my direct line). I don't have that luxury anymore.

Have fun today on your site visit!