Day 2 Nutshell

Had a good day, all of it out at the job site. I'm picking up the lingo and strategies of historic preservation pretty quickly, which makes me feel good. Spent the whole day with one of the principals too, getting to know each other better, so that made me feel more at ease too. (My very worst job ever was at a place where I felt like no one else there ever made any mistakes. Yes, the same place that gave me a negative performance review a week after I started working part time there.)

Then, I spent three hours visiting with a friend I hadn't seen in months. That was good too.

FB still takes too much time in the evening. I think I'm going to have to cut some of my activities there. No, not FT. That's top of the roster. I have some other bench warmers I don't need.


belsum said...

Historic preservation? I wonder how much overlap there will be with your new job and my former life as an archaeologist.

Anne C. said...

Depends. I really don't know what an archeologist does, since I get all my info on that field from movies.