SD in Review: The Flora

Mechanicky Gal has an adorable house, but even a more amazing garden. She has focused on xeric plants, those that will survive in San Diego's climate with no additional watering, and plants and herbs used in cooking.

She had huge rosemary bushes.

And a huge artichoke bush that reminded me that my mum had told me that when she read Day of the Triffids, she always thought they looked like artichoke plants.

The neighbor has an avocado tree and Mechanicky Gal convinced us (after checking with the neighbor) to go over and pick a boatload of them. MG and I climbed the tree (with some assistance from the ladder) while Carol Elaine and Janiece spotted us from the ground and caught the avocados we tossed down. Strangely enough, we didn't actually eat any of them (99% of them weren't quite ripe yet) and I really wish I had thought to bring some home with me. :/

MG also had a fig tree (so cool!), but few ripe figs yet.

Two items reminded me of Farmtown: the orange tree...

... and the lemon tree (more like a bush).

There were, of course, lots of beautiful flowers.

One of my favorite things, however, was the jasmine plant that was planted just outside the front door. MG kept her front door open much of the time and the breeze flowed in, bringing with it an intoxicating scent.

And last, but certainly not least, the faux flora:
Can you see that one of these things is not like the others? It's a cell phone tower, disguised as a palm tree. Awesome, isn't it?


Unknown said...

The faux palm tree is extraordinary! All the rest are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

DUDE!!! How AWESOME would faux palm tree cell phone towers look in Maryland?!?! I have to call the guv'nor!

vince said...

That's a beautiful and very smartly planned garden the Mechanicky Gal has. Thanks for all the photos!

The Mechanicky Gal said...

Thanks Vince! It happened by accident as I got cuttings from friends and neighbors. And then I decided that everything had to be to a purpose (fruit, herbs), then SD gives trees away, and really, who can resist a FREE TREE!???
Somethings grew a little more than I expected, and even with welding gloves on, those cactus thorns are a real bee-yotch.

Stacey said...

MG - your gardens are beautiful. The lantana is such a beautiful color.

WendyB_09 said...

We have faux pine tree cell towers mixed in among the real Georgia pine trees in some of the more uppity neighborhood. They expected superior cell service but didn't want the ugly towers, hence the pine tree variant. Which is ok until the surrounding stand of trees gets decimated by the pine bark beetle problem we have...

And one church located smack in the middle of a cell dead zone volunteered the top of their very tall bell tower. Ended up being a very modern arty looking tower, and the casual observer driving by would never suspect it as a cell tower.

Wonderful garden there MC. I'm jealous of the fruit trees.