News from SD: Sunday... err... Monday

We had a lovely time touring San Diego. In a nutshell, we drove through Kensington (a wonderful and artsy-posh neighborhood), went to Coronado Beach (also drove around and looked at the fabulous houses there), I dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean, and then we headed off to Balboa Park. I must say, that is a very cool place. I love the combination of the lush park setting with the historical buildings and museums. We went to the botanical pavillion, a cactus and succulents show and market (where Mechanicky Gal added to her awesome collection of xeric plants), and then a famous fountain of some sort (don't recall the name and Janiece is busy at the moment).
We had more yummy Mexican food when we returned. The ever tolerant Mechanicky Guy had his reward when we did not object to watching a WEC program (the title fight was a rematch of Mike Brown vs. Urijah Faber, and it was awesome).

Now, Janiece and I are packing up to leave. :(
I'll be sad to have it end, but I'll be happy to see the cats again. I've gotten my kitty fix with the two cats here - Lucy (the gray one) and Madeline (the tubby one) - but I miss the boys. Stacey has been taking excellent care of them, I know, but I miss them anyway.

See you soon, Colorado!


Nathan said...

Every time I see 'SD', I think you guys went to South Dakota.

vince said...

South Dakota, where the deer and the antelope play, but it's much harder to dip your feet in the Pacific Ocean.