New Work

Who: Me
What: getting a job as a project architect
Where: a medium sized architecture firm in Golden
When: Starting Monday, with a 3 month mutual probation period (I get to try out them at the same time they're trying me out)
Why: Because I need a job, and this one looks like it will allow me to stretch my abilities so that I may become a more well-rounded and developed architect. I'm used to working on one large project at a time. This position will have me working on anything from 2 to 12 small projects at a time. I will become a champion multi-tasker or perish. ;)

The first project I'll be working on is a historic preservation project in the Civic Center of downtown Denver. I haven't seen much to do with preservation in about 12 years, but I learn quickly. My brain already started clicking away when they described the project to me. The next project will be a border patrol station (?) in Texas. Obviously, there will be opportunities for domestic travel with a firm that has contracts with the federal government.

Thank you, everyone for your support. A special thank you goes out to Cheryl, who let me know about this position way back in April (when they started considering applicants). I do plan to do something celebratory (already went out to dinner with Stacey last night), probably a party of some sort.

Pro: While I love and appreciate my friends and family paying for me nearly every time we went out, I will be glad to not have to be a charity case anymore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my dears. You are wonderful. Now put your money away.

Con: I've gotten used to being free to visit family and volunteer for things whenever I wanted. AND this is seriously going to cut into my Facebook and Farmtown time. The horror! The horror!


Nathan said...

Yeah, but when do they add your picture to the banner on their website?

MWT said...

Woohoo job! :)

Hope you still find time to farm though. ;)

vince said...

And you'll be in the announcements!

AND this is seriously going to cut into my Facebook and Farmtown time. The horror! The horror!


Anonymous said...

OMG Anne, I'm *so glad* that I hooked up to the Ethernet here in Austin tonight...


Seriously, this is awesome news... I think you'll really enjoy getting to "flex your architect skillz" as it were, and try something new. Who knows, you might *really* like it!!!

Yay, yay, yay!!!

Oh, and we're totally going out and having a drink to celebrate when I get there in July. Totally.

akg said...


belsum said...

Yay job!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Annie! I'm really thrilled for you! I know you'll do a wonderful job and hope you really enjoy the company!

Ilya said...

Belated congratulations, Anne! I'm very happy for you!