Care Package Queen

Yesterday evening, I came home to find a lovely little care package on my front porch. It was the promised care package from the incomparable Jen A.
The message in the card says it all, "There is absolutely no way you'll be on the job market for long, so before you're snatched up, make time for reading, eating, and self-pedis!" The box contained a book, The Late Bloomer's Revolution, which we've discussed before, a big bag of delicious chocolate chip cookies, a mini pedicure kit, with a pumice bar, file, and two bottles of nail polish (awesome colors, by the way).
It's a wonderful package, but what elevates it to awesome is the same element that elevates other creative endeavors - presentation. She used a handy little card box (I love Papyrus too!) and some cool paper to put together the pedicure kit. She's done this sort of thing before, using a round tin for cookies and a Nestle Quick box to send a cake pop. She's not only ingenious re-using containers, but it adds an extra level of thought that really is impressive.
Jen, you give me something to aspire to. :)


Mummy Grabill said...

Wow, that is WAY awesome, Jen! Simply marvelous!

Kendy said...


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Anne C. said...

The above spammer is posting from Delhi, India, after doing a Google search for "nail care."

Thank you, kendy-spammer, but I will not be purchasing any products from that website. I suggest you practice your English in a less intrusive fashion.

MWT said...

... and they're probably being paid a certain amount of money for posting that comment on a certain number of blogs. Yay capitalism. ;)

Anonymous said...

Back to the blogosphere after a weekend of experiencing lidocaine injections into the back of my shoulder and fighting off a sore throat (success? I dunno -- I'll have to get back to you on that one!) -- and I'm catching up w/ my Reader...

Anne, you make me blush! :) I'm SO GLAD that you enjoyed your package!!! I agonized over what colors to pick out -- after all, nail polish can be a very personal thing! -- so I'm glad that you will wear both of them!!!

Enjoy your cookies and the book!

I'm now going to go dream up new feats of packaging so I can live up to the glorious praise in this post! hahahaha :)