An Embarrassment of Riches

On Saturday, the flower delivery person brought me ANOTHER flower arrangement. It had the same message from Michelle. No, she didn't forget what she had already done, it must have been an error on the part of the flower place. (If anyone's missing a flower arrangement, let me know.) As you can see, the flowers from the first one are opening beautifully.
Thank you, again, Michelle. :)
The funny thing is, this isn't the first time I've gotten two of something. I got two Christmas cards from Jen A. I'm pretty sure that was because I sent a card in reply to the first one, which prompted the sending of the second one.
Thank you twice over, Jen!

I went to the dentist today (since my insurance is giving out at the end of the month). I had cavities (as I suspected) and got lectured on flossing (standard operating procedure). Amazingly enough, they had time to fill my cavities today! So, now my jaw hurts from having it cranked open for so long, but my teeth are all nicely fixed. (There was a minor mixup on my part on the insurance, but with the help of some friends, like JR giving me the Delta Dental group number, I got it all worked out.) Now, I'm eating yogurt for dessert, in an effort not to chew or open my mouth very wide.

Jen A. indicated that she got a little care package I sent out last week. There should be two more.

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Unknown said...

Smart lady to get dental work done before the insurance lapses!!
Also, the double flower sending suggests a richness of opportunity there for you.