No More Cable [sob!]

I had my standard cable trimmed all the way back to basic today. That's the one with network TV, TBS, Discovery Channel, and CSPAN.
Since I'm keeping the internet and there's a package deal, it would have only saved me an additional $6 to get rid of it entirely, so I kept the basic.

I sometimes like to have the TV going on in the background for auditory companionship. The previous go to channel was Food Network. Now, it'll be Discovery Channel. Not bad!

I will have to remember to watch my cable shows (Monk, Burn Notice, BSG, etc.) on the computer now though. Me and remembering usually aren't a good pairing. We'll see how it goes. So far I have a standing offer to see BSG at my brother's. That'll help. (Whew!)


Anonymous said...

aww Hon, my sympathies with having to reduce the TV packages in the vein of being economical! *HUG* I've avoided it so far, but honestly even with having TV I still miss the things I want to see... and I do have to admit that I really enjoy catching up on shows online! And, TBS will offer you a large enough selection of quasi-decent movies to pass away the time if you happen to come down with a cold, or a case of the hot-chocolate-and-pajamas!

MWT said...

You get Discovery in your ridiculously-basic lineup?? T.T *is green*

I pared mine down about a year ago when it turned out I only watch one show, and the one show is available online. But it's good to still get the networks, just in case emergencies come up, or an inauguration occurs or something.

Janiece said...

You also have an open invitation to come watch our T.V. whenever you want.

Boogie misses you.

Anne C. said...

Thanks for the sympathy, guys. Yes, I do feel extremely fortunate to have TBS and Discovery.

Thanks for the offer, Janiece. I miss Boogie too! Who will take me for walks now? :)

voyagerinmo said...

You might check out an online service called Hulu that streams a lot of current TV shows. Teh drawback is that it's ad-supported, but you get that anyway unless you time-shift.

vince said...

I will have to remember to watch my cable shows (Monk, Burn Notice, BSG, etc.) on the computer now though. Me and remembering usually aren't a good pairing.

Maybe you can set something up like Shawn has so we can poke you when the shows are on? I'm sure all your friends would help you remember.

Anne C. said...

Yeah, Hulu is what my sister and BIL use (though they get it piped into their big TV). Considering how stupidly set up the USA episode watching section is, I'll probably go there for some shows.

Thanks for the suggestion, Vince. I'll keep it in mind. ;)

belsum said...

If you can't find your show(s) on Hulu or its respective network site, there's also fancast.com and surfthechannel.com. I frankly hardly even watch regular network TV on the television anymore. If it's not something I can have on with the boy around then I just watch it online the next day instead.

Mummy Grabill said...

As you know, when we realized that everything we watch can be seen on-demand via the network websites, Hulu, Fancast, etc. We cut $100 out of our bill back in November with this change and really have not felt much of a difference in our TV watching enjoyment. Of course, you are right, we do hook our computer up to our TV and watch shows on our TV rather than the computer screen so that does help. We love it though! You know you can always come to our house or ask Brian what you can do to improve your own setup at home! :-)