I Have Awesome Friends

One of the nicest things about hard times is that you find out who your friends are. I can't count the number of times I've heard in the last three days, "I don't know what I can do to help, but if I can do ANYTHING, please give me a call." Many friends that I gathered at work have insisted on getting my contact info so we can keep in touch and they can pass on any leads they get. I've actually had to do more reassuring than being reassured, which has been funny and touching at the same time.
Sweet, Random Michelle sent me the flower arrangement you see above. I was supposed to get it yesterday, but was away from home most of the day. Then, it was supposed to come today, and despite the fact that I WAS home, I somehow missed the delivery guy. So, I went to pick it up. I suspected it was from Michelle, as the Random Flower Fairy has visited my house before, but it was nice to see those friendly words on the card. I've had "threats" from Jen A, saying she was putting something in the mail for me (which I am eagerly anticipating). Janiece has invited me over for dinner and as many drinks as I care to have. Cheryl has speculated on having dinner for me and other friends who have been laid off. Michelle also put up this post of funny pictures to make me smile. Too many people to name are wishing/praying/hoping the best for me. I've also been getting phone calls and emails from people who have heard secondhand (which is totally OK, by the way) and want to pass on their concern and good wishes. I'm still feeling upbeat and positive about this change, so the conversations have been easy.
So, here I will say officially: My Friends Rock. I feel so supported and that really makes a difference. Thank you, guys.


Random Michelle K said...

You're welcome. :)

Stacey said...

You do find out who your friends are - or aren't - when things like this happen. We have been bombarded with love and kindness from pretty much everyone we know, but not suprisingly for us here, most family members have not found the time to respond to JR's email or call. I firmly believe that having to do more with less creates the most wonderful solutions. There's my bit of optimism for today.

John the Scientist said...

Well, Maybe I should threaten to send you something too, after the last thing you sent me. :D

Get on LinkedIn and link to the rest of us, it can't hurt and might help.

Anne C. said...

I am on LinkedIn, John. And I'm already linked to you. You have over a hundred links, so I don't blame you for forgetting. :)

Mummy Grabill said...

You said it best - hard times really show you who your friends are. Looking forward to seeing you for BSG on Friday night - I love and am proud of you! Can't *wait* to see what wonderful opportunity knocks on your door now that you've been set on a path towards inevitable change.

Jeri said...

I'm not entirely sure that mail from John counts as a friendly action. ;)

You deserve all the support and care - you are worth it!

And Stacy/JR... :( I'm so sorry.

Anne C. said...

Hee! I agree Jeri.

John, I'll have to pass on any "presents" from you. The offer is much appreciated though. ;)