Cat Sleeping Habits

Both my boys, when they sleep with me on the bed, will curl up either on/below my feet, behind my knee joint, or at my waist. I don't think it's just because there's a crook there to snuggle into (in the case of my feet, it's definitely not that). My guess is that my body gives off marginally more heat at the joints.

OK, Matti is pestering the heck out of me. I'm going to go feed him, in case that's what he wants (even if not, it'll distract him for a while).


Anonymous said...

LOL It must be a cat thing -- my childhood cat, Sparkle, used to bury under the covers and sleep in the crook of my knee or between my legs at the knees.

Miss Kitty NEVER gets under the covers, but loves to lay right by my hip -- especially if I cock that side's leg upward (like I'm climbing a rock wall).

Luckily, I've never had a cat that wanted to lay on or beside my head. Because if I did -- that cat would get tossed to the end of the bed!

belsum said...

Sally used to sleep under the covers with me until the mister came to bed. She's too crazy for that these days. Chloe always sleeps on my feet and then gets offended when I kick her off by, you know, rolling over. Sheesh.