Girly Fun

Janiece and I went shoe shopping today at Park Meadows. Being the smart shoppers we are, we started at Off Broadway and proceeded to DSW before window browsing at the mall itself.
I needed (yes, I actually NEEDED) new casual shoes and black office shoes. Fortunately, I found them. The casual shoes were Sketchers, just like the ones I've worn to nubbins. The black office shoes are nice (if plain) and from Naturalizer, which means they're also comfy!

We ate lunch at a nice asian bistro place. We had beer and sake and lettuce wraps. I had spicy honey chicken and a bit of sushi while Janiece had black pepper chicken. Both were very flavorful, but at the end of the meal we realized we hadn't photographed our food! [gasp!] The fact that neither of us had brought a camera was also an issue. So, you'll be spared the food pr0n today. ;)

Afterwards, we talked as we window-shopped at the mall. For the most part, we were very virtuous - at Borders, we both got out of there for under $15 (Janiece under $10). I LOVE the bargain books tables and got two cookbooks: one on appetizers and finger foods and one on sushi and japanese cuisine. They're both really nice looking books. We almost managed not to buy anymore shoes, until we found AWESOME prices in the Aldo store. Normally $80 shoes were $25! Only the colored ones, not the plain black ones. Seems like they're shifting to This Years Colors and trying to get rid of Last Years Colors (the horror!). So taupe grey and deep purple are out and something else is in. I'm guessing steel grey and deep blue-green. (Not that I have any clue what I'm talking about.) So, swayed by the lovely (comfy!) design, excellent quality, quirky color, and awesome price, I bought sassy new pumps. For whatever reason, I consider those the delightful finishing touch to a really relaxing and fun day.
Technically, the delicious Godiva chocolate bonbons that Janiece bought for us (one each) was the delightful finishing touch, but I did give a sigh of contentment when we left the Aldo store. I really enjoy buying something nice when I feel like I've gotten a good deal.

I had a really fun time, as I always do with Janiece. She really is a cool and classy lady. :)

Oh, and the car pictured above? 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Supersnake From Restoration Hardware's Shelby Replica Series. Janiece and I looked them over but decided $80 was too much to pay for a toy car. About $75 too much.
It's here for the non-shoe people who made it through the whole post. Congrats!


MWT said...

Yay car! :)

... and shoes too, of course. ;)

Janiece said...

Anne forgot to mention that she also bought me a pair of fabu Aldo shoes for no-reason gifties in my signature gray. They have chunky heels!

Anne's made of teh Hawesome.

Anne C. said...

It was a crime of opportunity. ;)

Unknown said...

So I gather that Anne got the purple ones and Janiece got the grey ones?

Stacey said...

Thanks for giving us gearheads something to drool over...Fab shoes btw

Anne C. said...

Janiece's were a different design, but the same fantastic price.