For Jen A, with Love

Scientific Proof that "true love" exists.

Because she has wondered about it, just like I have.


vince said...

Always good to have science verify what you believe to be true (the believer being me).

But true love ain't easy. And I wonder if it can happen more than once. Be nice if it could.

Unknown said...

True love, in my experience, comes in different flavors and colors. The article seems to be limiting it to only couples with a sexual relationship. So I guess I will stick to that as well.
You can have "true love" with your sexual partner that re-engages again and again over many years (almost like another "falling in love" each time). All it takes is a willingness to change.
It is most probable that "true love" with a sexual partner can only happen one at a time. Which means, two (with two separate partners) cannot be going on simultaneously. But I am not sure about that. It doesn't "feel" correct.
Phew! Off my soapbox....