Unexpected Productivity

Today I:
- made cat food
- went grocery shopping
- filled the gas tank
- vacuumed the house
- cleaned the bathroom
- fixed the toilet
- put away the Christmas decorations and cards
- cleaned the cat bathroom
(more to come... still on a roll)

- did 2/3 of the laundry
- worked on a secret project that will go in the mail Tuesday

And a friend came over and we played Texas Hold'em. Got my butt kicked and figured out we had played it wrong, dealing 3 cards instead of 2. Oops!


Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! Don't you just love surprisingly productive days?!

Today, I went to a drag queen brunch in Adams Morgan. One "Lady" shimmied as she walked toward us, and lost her top. So, today I also saw my first set of him-she boobies.

Now, it's 7 p.m. and I'm back home -- eating frozen chicken nuggets and preparing to finish knitting a baby hat. You know -- back to "normal." ;)

Jeri said...

Wow! Wanna come by my place?

Actually, I did a bunch of cleaning too - a long overdue major cleaning of my home office so I could make room for the new printer, plus a lot of less major cleaning through the rest of the house.

Those fun shoes from yesterday look a little ankle-breaking - we definitely need pictures of you all dressed up in them. :)

John the Scientist said...

That sounds remarkably like my yesterday, with laundry replacing cat bathroom, and about an hour of sledding with the kids thrown in.

The day before we did all kinds of magnetic experiments, including making a compass from a birthday candle, a needle, and a bowl of water. Plus we built a Lego helicopter and read a bunch of books.

And my captcha was poodique. o.O

John the Scientist said...

Heh, I meant Laundry replacing cat food - I did clean the cat bathroom, and that's exactly what it is, hte little-used half-bath behind our garage.

Anne C. said...

Oooh, making helicopers and compasses sounds like fun. :)

belsum said...

I'm still astounded every time you mention that you make your own cat food. It seems so complicated to me!