Lighten Up! (Muppet Style)

In order to lighten the way too serious mood around here lately, I present...

Musical Numbers via The Muppet Show

But we can't get too funny too fast, so here's a sad song to segue into it:
Oh Danny Boy

And a romanic song:
Feelings (One of my personal favorites)

And some classical piano

And some opera:
Habanera (Bizet's Carmen)

For the big finish:
Ode to Joy

Nothing like the Muppets to cheer you up. :)


Janiece said...

The big finish, indeed.

I love the muppets. Do you have the show on DVD?

Anne C. said...

I actually have them on videotape (I was late coming to DVD-land). The ones with John Denver and Harry Belefonte are some of my favorites.

Damn, now I'm going to have to hook up my video machine or see if I can get the DVDs. ;)

Unknown said...

Arrrgh! I got sucked in!!! Gawd, I spent ages downloading various other samples. Please remember my sloooww download and have mercy.
My favorite was Danny Boy.

Mummy Grabill said...

Wow! Beaker is usually so quiet - I never knew that inside was a opera star dying to get out!

Anne C. said...

Still waters run deep. ;)

mattw said...

I love the Muppets! Thanks for the vidoes, those are great.