Buzz buzz

Jeez, I'm getting really crappy at keeping up the blog.
Here's a rundown of the things that have kept me busy:
- Sunday: Went to see Burn After Reading. Funny and weird. Aileen, Brian will love this. Make sure he sees it. The acting is superb and Brad Pitt is hilarious. There's one scene where he's trying to be intimidating, so he narrows his eyes threateningly, but it comes off as just SO funny. I love that part. John Malkovich is a perfect foil for him, being actually intimidating (as he can do so well). Anyway, I enjoyed it.
- Monday: Heroes premiere. YAYAYAYAYAY! It was good. All the characters are mixed around in a new way and some of their motivations have changed, but all believably. That's one of the things I like best about the show. The characters evolve. Anything can happen, but generally in a believable way. And there's a little bit of good and bad in everyone. It's such a good show (beginning of the second season notwithstanding).
- Tuesday: My friend, Lisa, is going "home" to take care of her ailing dad, so her friends put together a little going away night out. It was lots of fun, mainly because Lisa is such a funny, intelligent, and insightful woman. The really neat thing is that we are fast friends after only meeting a handful of times. I hope to see her around here sometimes. (Mental note: send her a link.)
- Wednesday: Went out with Stacey and JR for drinks at Steuben's (because they have yummy mixed drinks, like the Dark and Stormy). Turns out they also have yummy Trout Almandine, which was served with greenbeans, potato slices, and sliced grapes. I was surprised by the addition of the grapes, but it was really good! Having them sliced was a great way to make it blend more with the other flavors. So, bravo, Steuben's.

And here's what's going to make me busy for the next two/three days:
I'm going to my first work-related conference, the AIA Colorado 2008 Design Conference. It should be a good opportunity to feel more like an architect than a construction manager, do a little networking, and maybe catch up on some friends I haven't seen in a while. It's not far away, just in Vail, but I'm hoping to have a bit of a vacation/escape. We'll see. From the schedule, it seems like a time intensive event.
I'll try and post while I'm there, so you'll get to hear all the hijinx I'm up to, but we'll see what the online services are. :/

Take care of the place while I'm gone and don't worry about getting the chocolate stains out of the new chair, it's chocolate colored. ;)


belsum said...

I miss yummy mixed drinks.

Mummy Grabill said...

Me too bel!

Anne C. said...

Well, I'm not sure I'm going to be doing much blogging while here. Most of the day is programmed and the internet connection is not free. It might be just a nominal charge for the computer use, with charges for office work but no additional charge for internet. We'll see.

BTW, Aileen and Bel, your due dates are a month from each other. Aileen at the beginning of the month and Bel at the end. :)

belsum said...

Congratulations Aileen! We'll see if I encroach on your due date as we get closer. They say the second child always comes early. And, well, since my first was three and a half weeks early...

Anne C. said...

OK, so the hotel was charging $.54 per minute. OUCH!